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5 Tips for Throwing a Christmas in July Party

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Christmas in July has a large following in some parts of the world, such as Australia. This is because they have an inverse season to the Americas, which means the time of year where snow is falling, and the air is cool is in July. How neat!

Although, there are many people in our neck of the woods who want to get on this bandwagon. Totally understandable really, as the only thing better than Christmas, is double-Christmas. If this sounds like an event you can get behind, simply organize a party and theme it around Christmas in July. 

5 Tips for July Christmas Parties

Discount Christmas Decorations

One of the best parts of living in a capitalist society is the supply-and-demand model. This means that if there is no demand, the price of products will significantly drop until the demand returns. Of course, seasonal decorations are not immune to this, which makes finding cheap Christmas decorations in Calgary super easy to do throughout the year. Pick up some extras and mix in summer themes for your Christmas in July bash.

Use a Fake Tree

Unfortunately, hand-in-hand with the supply-and-demand model comes a total lack of some items. For instance, fir trees. These consumer products are simply unavailable throughout most of the year because it doesn’t make a lot of sense to have them, and store them when nobody is interested in purchasing them.

Santa Clause as a lifeguard on the beach

Circumvent this problem by finding Christmas decorations in Calgary, and finding a lovely plastic tree to stage for your party.

Holiday-Themed Snacks

Another reminder of the holidays is the fresh-baked cookies and sugary treats made throughout the holiday season. Feel free to break out your favourite recipes for your party, and consider using the stencils typically reserved for this season in new and exciting ways. Grilled steak cut into Christmas tree shapes still sounds mighty appealing, doesn’t it?

Yard Decorations

No Christmas is complete without inflatable Santas or Christmas lights. Use this tip to get a head start on the December festivities, and heighten the mood a little at the same time.

Get Creative

Remember, everyone enjoys Christmas not only for the gift of giving, but also to see the creative ways in which people decorate and claim the holiday as their own. Don’t be afraid to spice things up with your own innovative ideas and reap the rewards of compliments on a job well done. After all, you’re celebrating Christmas in July, so you might as well do something exciting and different.

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