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Christmas in July: Is it Real?

Happy family celebrating New Year's Eve at home

Christmas in July almost sounds too good to be true. With Christmas being one of the most wonderful times of the year, what with the Christmas decorations in Calgary, and the happy celebration shared among many people across every country, how could it possibly be duplicated in the summer months?

However, this is a myth that has a long-standing tradition in many cultures. In fact, Christmas in July was first mentioned in 1892. Almost 130 years ago! It is crazy to think that this myth has been perpetuated for so long, and in actuality, it may not be as much of a myth as people believe. Today, you can find out what Christmas in July stands for, and whether or not people are actually celebrating it.

Who Celebrates Christmas in July

Even though the origins of this concept date back to 1892, it does not mean that people have been celebrating it for this long. However, there is something you should note here. The seasons are reversed depending on the hemisphere of the world you currently reside in. This means hotter, southern climates like Australia don’t have a winter season in December.

No, in fact, their summer seasons occur during our winter months, and it is a hot time of year for Christmas celebrations. They are perhaps the most likely to celebrate a July Christmas as this is when their “winter” months really begin in earnest. But, does that mean they actually celebrate Christmas at this time?

The Truth of Christmas in July

Yes, actually. Not everyone in Australia and the surrounding countries will celebrate Christmas in July, but a great number of them do. It is a fun way to capture the cold spirit of the holiday, but it is often a measured event. They still celebrate Christmas in December because of the significance of the time, but many people enjoy the practice of celebrating with actual snowfall and chilly atmospheres.

As well, it can be a good way to throw a fun themed party up here, in our northern climates. All you need is some Christmas decorations from Calgary and a group of people willing to join you in celebration. It can break up the monotony of summer barbeques and will certainly pique people’s interest. Consider Christmas in July for your next backyard bash, and see if the celebration has any merit for your life!

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