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How Much Christmas Shopping Can You Do Before Fall?


Christmas stores in Calgary are few and far between. At least, until after Halloween. Then, it seems like they sprout up from every nook and corner of the big-box chains and malls around the city. November marks the transition from calm, peaceful spookiness into full-fledged holiday pandemonium. 

However, some people do not share in the collective excitement for this transition. It may feel overwhelming or just overly disorganized. If you can identify with these feelings, then the best way for you to cope is by accomplishing your tasks earlier in the year. In fact, it might seem strange, but there are actually a lot of items you can check off your list before October.

Pre-Christmas Shopping Items

Perhaps the most prominent item on this list is the presents. Although there is a good reason, which is that they are often not holiday-specific. Your Pa will enjoy his electric razor purchased in August as much as he will one bought in December. Try and get as many items checked off your list before October to prevent unnecessary rushing.


For many people, Christmas decorations are a year-over-year tradition. They enjoy hanging the ornaments they were gifted, as well as the new additions they craft during the holiday season. You can get a jumpstart on the new additions, at least, by visiting a hobby craft shop throughout the year. Not only is this a fun activity to share with friends or family, but the holiday is also a bit simpler as a result.

Cooking Supplies

Cooking supplies are also straightforward and easy to complete throughout the year. The cost of cinnamon will not fluctuate overmuch during the year, and it is a staple of Christmas baking. Of course, this applies to all baking supplies generally, so get out there and stockpile your cooking supplies whenever!


Seasonal-Specific Items


Christmas trees are pretty incredible. Even if they are falling out of favour as synthetic varieties rise in popularity, they are a mainstay of the holiday season. If you are a die-hard Christmas fan, then you will have to wait until December for the tree nurseries and Christmas stores in Calgary.

Hot Chocolate

Hot chocolate is available throughout the year, but the magical quality of it only exists during the cold, bitter winter months. As a result, the true Christmas enjoyment of this sweet treat is only possible during the winter.

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