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How to Plan a Christmas Party During COVID

Santa Claus, playing it safe in 2020

Right off the bat, it is important to premise this article with a warning: don’t gather in large groups, or you risk exposing people to the Coronavirus. Secondly, ensure you follow all public health guidelines for your area and listen to local officials.

Now, with that bit out of the way, it is time to start planning your pandemic-friendly Christmas party! Below, we have collected the best tips and tricks available for you to safely and enjoyably meet with your loved ones this holiday season. Just don’t forget your Christmas decorations, Calgary!

Ways to Safely Plan COVID Christmas

Reduce the Number of Guests

Although we all want to give as many gifts as possible, we will have to reign in our charitable natures this year. This means reducing the number of guests you invite for holiday celebrations, at least to the maximum specified for your region. 

Plan for Testing Before & After

If you invite extended family or endearing friends to your celebration, encourage them to go for testing before and after the event. In doing this, they can ensure they are capable of socialization without spreading, and if there is infection afterwards, the contact tracing will be simple and straightforward. 

Happy family celebrating New Year's Eve at home

See Fewer People Beforehand

For all the disadvantages of winter, there are also several discrete advantages. One of these is an excuse to reduce our social visits. This year, this is more important than ever, as we can now safely and responsibly refrain from seeing one another before large events. In this way, we reduce the potential spread of infection.

Consider Turkey Alternatives

Now, this might not relate to the pandemic, but it is an important and necessary tip to offer. Remember, turkey is not a small bird by any means, and everyone is familiar with the burdensome distribution of turkey after the meal. Now, imagine that you have reduced the average amount of people who can take these fowl beast’s tasty treats. A smaller meal may be in order.  

Christmas Decorations Don’t Have to Suffer

Hopefully, you find these tips helpful in planning your COVID Christmas. Although, it is crucial to remember that even if the festivities are limited, we can still use Calgary Christmas decorations to their fullest potential. Through this, we can show our family, friends and neighbours that hope and happiness continue in spite of the darkness of the season!

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