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It is Finally Here: Christmas in July!


That’s right. We’ve been building up to it for a while, but finally, the treasured month is now at hand. July Christmas celebrations! Initially, we showed you how it was possible to celebrate Christmas in July as a result of different seasons appearing at different times of the year, depending on your geographical location. Areas like Australia certainly benefit from celebrating in their winter months, namely our summer months. 

Next, you learned about how to make your own Christmas in July party, complete with Christmas decorations in Calgary. One of the most important parts of celebrating this holiday is creativity, and this is especially true in western countries. Since the celebrations are so irregular and uncommon in places like Canada, upping the impact will always pay big dividends for your party atmosphere.

Now, we are here. July is just beginning, and it is time for all of your plans to come together. Hopefully, you have a suitable venue for the holiday, and have allocated ample space for effective social distancing measures. Further, you are likely going to be on the last of your purchases, including any last-minute Christmas decorations in Calgary. However, one area that you may be lacking in is the food department, but there are fun ways to go about this too.


Christmas in July Food Stuffs

In previous blogs, we may have mentioned how delicious Christmas baked treats are, even in the summertime. Well, it bears repeating here. Although these aren’t the only types of foods you should prepare. Of course, party snacks like chips, dips, and sliced vegetables are always crowd favourites, but there is an even better option possible.

Indeed, the suggestion for your Christmas in July party, from us, is to make it into a potluck-style event. It just makes sense to have a potluck. Everyone will be coming for your unique and interesting party, but they also get to contribute to it in their own significant way. What could be better? 

Now, there is only one caveat that bears mentioning when it comes to potlucks. Don’t police the offerings! We would all like to have a balanced variety of foods, but if you are already asking everyone to create their own shareable dish, that should be enough. Getting someone who isn’t comfortable to prepare the potato salad may seem efficient. Still, you will probably just have an inferior product and disappointing experience, so try and avoid this eventuality by encouragement instead. 

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